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Rome Reports

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A musical on St. Peter: Showing the life and mystery of the Church's first Pope

Christians know that St. Peter believed that Jesus was the Savior and the Messiah. But what did  Jesus think of St. Peter? The Italian musical titled 'The First Pope' wants to answer that question... MARCO SIMEOLI Director, "Il Primo Papaâ? "The musical follows the story of Peter as told by Jesus...It's a fascinating story. Our main challenge was making it sound new.â? The musical features the highlights of St. Peter's life, starting with the moment he decided to follow Jesus in the Sea of Galilee... "I will make of you a fisher of men.â? ...All the way down to his martyrdom in Rome. SIMONE SIBILLANO St. Peter, "Il Primo Papaâ? "It was complicated to show the different characteristics of this character, from his  passion to his humanity and his holiness.â? The team includes 18 actors and 12 dancers. The music is described as symphonic rock and its meant to give an inspiring glimpse into the life of the first Pope.  Producers hope the show will inspire younger generations by teaching them about Church history through the arts. Charity is also a major element.  TONY LABRIOLA Author, "Il Primo Papaâ? "We are doing this for charity. All the money from the play will be sent to the Vatican's Office of Papal Charities.â? "The First Popeâ? will be launched on April 25, in the Italian city of Verona, precisely in the city's Arena.  Afterwards, organizers hope the play will then be showed in Israel, Cuba, and U.S. PM/PM/KLH  MG/SDT Music VM -PR Up: MPI #Art