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Pope teams with with Google, IBM and Microsoft to improve education

It's a program supported by the Pope and its mission is to improve education on a global level. The program is named Scholas Labs and its calling for international input.  SANTIAGO CARMUEGA Scholas Labs "The idea is to call on entrepreneurs from all over the world, and invite them to share their proposals. It can be an app, or a device or any type of technology that can improve education.â?  One of these ideas has come to life. It's called Scholas Citizenship, where students from all corners of the world, can log online and share projects their cities are taking part in, on a specific website.  Anything from community projects to initiatives that improve neighborhoods. Once these ideas are looked into, they will be submitted to city councils.  NESTOR NOCETTI Scholas Citizenship "The goal is to have them participate in the democratic process early on. So eventually the ideas will be shared with mayors and city councils, so they too can have feedback from students.â?  Scholas Labs has big tech support. With Pope Francis on board- Google, IBM and Microsoft have also signed up to provide tech services.  Back when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis launched a similar project where teenagers and students from the neighborhood, would meet and discuss plausible solutions to local problems. So, the idea behind Scholas is the same, but now, with a much more tech savvy society.  JRB/KLH  MG VM -PR Up: MPI #World