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The Power of Music: Singing to help Abandoned Babies

American Catholic singer Danielle Rose thinks babies are like flowers...there can never be too many of them in a field.  She has been singing since the age of 17. Now she uses her voice to help abandoned Chinese children. She wrote her song "Little Flowerâ? to support the work of a  Chinese orphanage that has that same name. Every year, thousands of Chinese children are abandoned at birth. Most of them are left behind because they are born with a serious illness. The "Little Flowerâ? orphanage rescues them and cares for them.  Danielle start singing after traveling to the Indian city of New Delhi, where she helped Mother Teresa's Sister's of Charity. That's when she decided she would defend the most vulnerable members of society. So far, she has released five albums.  Currently, Danielle is working on her latest album, a Pro-Life CD titled a "Culture of Life.â? MPI/KLH  Spirit Juice Studios VM -PR Up: GRT