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Rome Reports

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Newly-elected cardinals feel joy, obligation after their induction

Following their induction ceremony, new cardinals received visitors and spoke to the media for several hours. A joyful, optimistic atmosphere filled the Apostolic Palace and Paul VI Hall. While they were excited, the cardinals also said they felt a sense of duty. They looked forward to following Pope Francis' approach to leading the Church. CARD. JOHN ATCHERLY DEW "I think just trying to continue the way Pope Francis is leading the church. And saying to our priests and our people, we have to be out there with the people.â?  Pope Francis made a point of selecting cardinals from the furthest reaches of the Church. The distance didn't prevent supporters from throughout the world from coming to see their new leaders. The delegation from Tonga broke out in traditional songs while their new cardinal met visitors and shook hands. CARD. SOANE PATITA PAINI MAFI "I am sure there will be greater responsibility. But perhaps I think this way more, I am looking forward for more of this richness of the Church, the msytery of the Church.â?  Since they are now cardinals, it's possible that a future Pope was among the newly elected group. But every cardinal remained humble when asked if he could someday become Pope. CARD. FRANCIS XAVIER KRIENGSAK KOVITHAVANIJ "What I am here now, is almost older than it could be.â? Toward the end of the special day, the new cardinal from Panama was in a humorous mood. CARD. JOSÉ LUIS LACUNZA "Satisfied but tired. Or let's say it the other way, tired but satisfied.â? Meanwhile, the new cardinal from Mexico said he was grateful. CARD. ALBERTO SUíREZ INDA "Thankful to God that I am not alone, because the this is a mission we must complete together." Twenty new cardinals were inducted, and 15 of them will be eligible to vote in a future conclave. The College of Cardinals now has 125 voting members, and 227 total members.   ATO AA/MG - -PR Up: ATO #NewCardinals