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Catholic and Married: Book sheds light on real every day challenges of married life

There's no such thing as a perfect marriage. Couples of any age and background can attest to that. In an attempt to leave the fairy tale narrative behind, and address real every day challenges, the idea of this book came about.  It's called Catholic and Married: Leaning into Love. We talked to one of the contributors through a Skype interview.  JENNY UEBBING Catholic and Married: Leaning into Love  "The culture wars question, of like â??whatâ??s happening to marriage, whatâ??s wrong with marriage, and we wanted to say, here is what is right with marriage. Letâ??s give people an attractive, compelling story and narrative they can really draw hope from and be encouraged by. Joyful, but realistic.â?  It includes nine chapters, each one of which was authored by either a husband, wife or married couple. It gives a Catholic perspective, addressing everything from co-habitation, to having children, the challenges of marriage and even divorcee children. Jenny Uebbing wrote a chapter on Natural Family Planning, titled ' Are you Done?' JENNY UEBBING Catholic and Married: Leaning into Love  "It does foster this intimacy and this communication that you canâ??t replicate.â?  She and her husband have three children and are three months along with number four. She says, NFP isn't easy, but worth it. It has fostered a type of trust and understanding in their intimate relationship.  JENNY UEBBING Catholic and Married: Leaning into Love  "Itâ??s  the one area that weâ??re not even supposed to think about being self giving or being receptive itâ??s all mine, mine, mine. It that was applied to any other area in our lives, there would be such an obvious disconnect.â?  In a culture where now it's often questioned if marriage is even worth the trouble, the book shares the stories of couples who say it's not easy, but it is worth it.  KLH  SKYPE SV -PR Up: MPI