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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis at Roman parish: Can Jesus depend on me, or am I two-faced?

On Sunday, Pope Francis visited a parish in the outskirts of Rome, Santa Maria Madre del Redentore. Before Mass, the Pope heard confessions from several people. Later, during his homily, he urged Christians not live hypocritical, double lives. POPE FRANCIS "And this can be a good question for the middle of Lent: Can Jesus trust me? Can Jesus trust me, or am I two-faced? Am I a Catholic, living as the Church says, and also living like a pagan?" The Pope pointed out that God knows everything and that Christians cannot hide what is in their souls. He said it's necessary for people "to open the door." POPE FRANCIS "And ask the Lord, just as he went to cleanse the temple, to come and cleanse the soul." Before Mass, the Pope visited a center that helps with the poor and sick. It is run by the Missionaries of Charity. He also met with children receiving catechesis. The parish of Santa Maria Madre del Redentore is in a poor area of Rome known for its problems with drugs and crime. MPI/ATO CTV VM -BN Up: GRT