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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis visits the sick and elderly at a Roman parish

The parish that Pope Francis visited on Sunday is in an area of Rome hit hard by unemployment and drugs. Local people looked forward to the visit and they were obviously excited. Are you going to school? And you do well? Or so well? Pope Francis not only celebrated Mass in the parish but also met with children, sick and the elderly. Poignant moments came during the last meeting. "Holy Father, the Lord has been generous to me. Very, very. " The sick offered the Pope some gifts, like this rosary made with bread balls. ; Pope Francis greeted all 100 of the patients one by one. Most were elderly but not all. At the end, he said a few words. POPE FRANCIS "The Lord never abandons us. When hard times come, a bit of nostalgia, sadness, the tears coming ... Let's do this with our hands. 'Lord, I know You're here.' He never abandons us. Perhaps you say, 'You are here but it is me who is having the ugly moment.' ;But He also has lived a hard time on the Cross. Do you remember? He was the first to break through." In total, the Pope spent nearly four hours at the parish. It is located in Tor Bella Monaca, east of Rome. It was his second parish visit in less than a month. JRB/ATO CTV VM -BN Up:JRB #Papa