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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis to the youth of Naples: Do you love your parents? Do you hug them?

Thousands of young people gathered on the Naples waterfront to meet with Pope Francis. The Pope arrived in the Popemobile but stepped off to greet and bless the pilgrims. He also had some funny moments like this. Some 100,000 pilgrims received the Pope with this greeting. It wasn't just young people who met with Pope Francis at the gathering. Seniors and married couples were there too. A young person, a senior, and a couple asked the Pope questions. Bianca asked how to keep hope in a difficult environment filled of corruption. POPE FRANCIS "I cannot deceive you and say, 'No, believe. Everything will be fine. You will be happy. You will have good luck. You will have money.' No, no, no. Our God works in silence. Remember. Our God is a God of words,  gestures and silences. You should join these three things in your life. Sorry, but I don't have another recipe.â? Erminia, 95, thanked the Pope for his interest in the elderly. Pope Francis congratulated her age. Then he answered her question with a question aimed at young people. POPE FRANCIS "Congratulations! You reap what you sow. To you, children, the fourth commandment.  Do you love your parents? Do you hug them? Do you tell them you love them?â?  Angelo and Katerina asked the Pope to give married couples advice. He responded that the family is threatened and reflected on marriage preparation of young people. POPE FRANCIS "How do couples prepare for marriage? 'Ah, yes! They go to three conferences.' Is this enough? How is their faith? It is not easy. Marriage preparation is not like a class, like a language course: 'How to Become Married in Eight Lessons.' No, no, no. It's something else.â? Before leaving, the Pope sent one last message to pilgrims in the Neapolitan dialect. "May the Virgin be with you!â? As it grew dark, Pope Francis blessed all those who attended the meeting. Ten thousand copies of the Gospel were then distributed. AC/ATO CTV SV -BN Up:AC