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Pope Francis asks people to prayer for the Synod of the Family

(VIDEO ONLY) Pope Francis told the crowd assembled for his weekly general audience to pray for the Synod Family. The meeting will take place in October. The Pope said that everyone is called to help with the project: cardinals, bishops, consecrated people, lay faithful, and himself. He added, "We need prayers, not gossip.â? March 25 also marks the 20th anniversary of the encyclical "Evangelium Vitae,â? in which "the family occupies a central position.â? The Pope said that "the relationship between Church and family is sacred and inviolableâ? and that the Church "never abandons the family.â? SUMMARY OF THE POPE'S CATECHESIS IN ENGLISH: Dear Brothers and Sisters:  Todayâ??s solemnity of the Annunciation invites us, in the context of the Churchâ??s preparation for the forthcoming Synod on the Family, to consider the relationship between the Incarnation and the mission of the family.  In Godâ??s plan, Jesus was welcomed into, and grew up in, a true human family, that of Mary and Joseph. Today also marks the Day for Life, in which we once more reaffirm our respect for the inviolable dignity of every human life.  The family, blessed by God from the beginning and entrusted with the task of procreation, is meant to be a community of life and love in the heart of society.  Here we see how closely linked are the Church and the family.  The Church is called to accompany and support all families, especially those in greatest need.  I ask you to continue praying for the Synod, so that it will reflect the compassion of the Good Shepherd for his flock and help the Church to be ever more committed and clear in her witness to the truth of Godâ??s merciful love for all families. JRB/ATO CTV - -PR Up:ATO #Papa