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Special Delivery for the Pope: Children write letters, calling for violence to stop

It's a letter that reads Dear Pope Francis,  How many children have died in adult wars. Children from Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine and  Khojal in Azerbaijan. We, as children do not want to feel fear. We only want our right to the future. Seventy children carrying white flowers, shirts and baseball caps gave these letters to Pope Francis during his weekly general audience. They're asking for these wars to stop. Oftentimes the victims are civilians, including women and children.   HASAN ISGANDAROV Azerbaijan Student Network  "The initiative came from the need to send a message on an international level. It was a way to unite the voice of children and give these letters to the Pope. We want to highlight that children are innocent victims and should not be victims of war.â?  The group includes children from five continents. After handing the letters to the Pope they placed white flowers along St. Peter's Square as a symbol for peace.  HASAN ISGANDAROV Azerbaijan Student Network  "The children got up close and gave him the letters. They told him, 'Please read them and send this message to the world.' As we organized this, we said, 'Would you like to see Pope Francis and send him a message about children's suffering?' Many kids showed up and each one of them wrote out their own phrase.â?  The visit was organized by the Azerbaijan Student Network. An international group  that promotes the rights of children. MPI/KLH  AA SV -PR Up:GRT