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Rome Reports

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Jubilee calendar includes events for all types of pilgrims

The Jubilee of Mercy will begin on December 8th of this year, and it is expected to attract millions of people to the Eternal City. Every one of them will make a "pilgrimage of mercyâ? through the churches of Rome until they arrive at the Door of Mercy in St. Peter's Square. MSGR. RINO FISICHELLA Jubilee Organizer "Some churches in central Rome will be prepared to provide hospitality and sites for prayer and preparation for passing through the Holy Door. So the pilgrims will get ready with the most appropriate spiritual disposition for the Jubilee.â? There will also be special days during the Jubilee dedicated to children, consecrated people, and prisoners. Some days will be dedicated to the sick, volunteers, and the Roman Curia. Throughout the year, Pope Francis will carry out five major actions that deal with mercy. The Vatican has yet to reveal what they will be.  MSGR. RINO FISICHELLA Jubilee Organizer "These gestures will have symbolic value. We will also ask that bishops and priests imitate these actions in their own diocese in communion with the Pope. Everyone can carry out these concrete demonstrations of mercy and draw attention to the Church.â? The overall goal is that the Jubilee will be celebrated throughout the world in the same way it is celebrated in Rome. The official events will have this logo, which calls for good intentions to be turned into concrete actions of mercy. JMB/ATO AA JM - PR Up:GRT