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Rome Reports

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Oscar award winner, Ennio Morricone composes 'Mass' for Pope

Surrounded by impressive frescoes in Rome's main Jesuit Church, the choir, musicians and audience got ready to listen to a Mass composed by Oscar winning movie soundtrack composer, Ennio Morricone. It's a piece the Italian composer developed, specifically in honor of Pope Francis.  It's titled 'Mass for Pope Francis.' It was composed to mark the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Jesuit Order. Together with Rome's Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of Santa Cecilia Choir and Rome's Teatro del Opera, the melodies filled the church.   Cellos, trumpets and flutes were played as 38 musicians synchronized their musical talent to give life to the piece.  ANDREA DI MARIO Trumpeter, Rome Symphony Orchestra "I became a trumpet player because my father was a musician. So it was a lot easier for me to start playing and practicing with the trumpet. I've been part of this Orchestra for many years now. I've collaborated with Ennio Morricone and Rome's Symphony Orchestra for many years.â?   For some of the Choir singers the real highlight is being able to express their work publically with such a powerful underlying message.  PIERLUIGI PAULUCCI Academy of Santa Cecilia (Rome) "I've been collaborating with Morricone for many years, but tonight is special. It's more than just a concert  because it triggers so much emotion. It's the international debut to a Mass dedicated to Pope Francis, whom I admire very much.â?  Being able to share the experience with one of the most renowned composers in the world, makes the experience all that more memorable.  ANDREA DI MARIO Trumpeter, Rome Symphony Orchestra "He is an extraordinary musician. He is someone who has been able to interpret all genres of music.â?  PIERLUIGI PAULUCCI Academy of Santa Cecilia (Rome) "Above everything, I think he sets a great example. He has given the musical world quite a lot.â?  For some of the audience members, the experience was about more than just music.  ELDA BERNARDI "It was a wonderful experience. Perfect lyrical fusion.â?  Morricone has composed the soundtrack of many films including, The Mission and Cinema Paradiso.  But he decided to leave the big screen for a bit, to compose a gift for Pope Francis.   MPI/KLH  MG VM -PR Up: MPI