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Rome Reports

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A moving encounter meeting Pope Francis and sick children at a Paraguayan hospital

"Pope Francis, thank you for visiting!â? They were happy and it showed. With this joyful reception, Pope Francis came to the "Niños de Acosta í?uâ? hospital. They had many gifts for the Pope. The most important was the "briefcase of hope.â? "Come, come. Give him the briefcase.â? "All the letters from everyone are here, Holy Father. From all of the our children.â? "A blessing for all of you to heal and also I'm going to give a rosary to each one of you.â? The Pope blessed the sick children, their families, and the hospital employees. Afterword, he spoke from the heart and explained that we must be like children. POPE FRANCIS "He tells us: 'Look, if in your heart you are not like children, then you are not going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.' How nice! What did Jesus want to tell us with that? Be humble like children,  spontaneous like children without bashfulness. They are all spontaneous, without pretending. Children are simple. They are cheerful. That is what Jesus meant when he said he wanted us to be like children.â? And as the Pope spoke, these two children spontaneously hugged him while he explained that he prays for all children who are hospitalized and their parents. AC/ATO MG VM BN Up.ATO