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Rome Reports

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Fulfilling their dream to see Pope Francis

This group of young Portuguese pilgrims just completed a lifelong dream: seeing Pope Francis in person. "It's nice. It's very good. It's different." "He is very kind and he is very beautiful.â? "It is very good to see him face to face.â? They came from the Saint Cecilia parish, which is in the city of  Madeira, to take part in Pope Francis' weekly general audience. He spoke about divorced Catholics who remarry, and they found the message particularly powerful. YESSICA VILIRA Saint Cecilia Parish (Portugal) "The message is that we all are the same and we all belong to the Church and the Church is always opened to every one of us.â? They said that Pope Francis understands the need to go out and be with the people. He has inspired their parish to do more to help those in their city who need assistance. YESSICA VILIRA Saint Cecilia Parish (Portugal) "To be ourselves but to be sure that we do the best for other people. Faith is all about that. Have faith in God, so that we can be a better person for us and for each other.â? And they also remembered what the Pope has said is one of the best ways to improve the world and help people. YESSICA VILIRA Saint Cecilia Parish (Portugal) "Pray. Pray every day, every weekend.â? They return to their home, which they call the Pearl of the Mediterranean, eager to tell family and friends about the first time they saw the Pope.  LOA AA -SV -PR -Up:LOA