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Ex-Nuncio, accused of sexual abuse, dies

Józef WesoÅ?owski, the ex-Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic, died at the Vatican. He was facing prosecution at a Vatican tribunal for possessing child pornography and abusing minors. The 67-year-old was under house arrest and was living inside the Vatican. Initial reports suggest that he died of natural causes, but an autopsy is currently being performed to determine his exact cause of death. FR. CIRO BENEDETTINI Vatican Press Office "The Holy Father has been informed of everything. They found him dead this morning at 5 o'clock with the television on. For that reason, it seems like he became ill suddenly. He was found by one of the Franciscans from the College of Prisons, where he was under house arrest.â? The former bishop resigned in August 2013 from his posts as Nuncio to the Dominican Republic and Apostolic Delegate to Puerto Rico, after being accused of child sexual abuse. Once the accusations were proven true several months later, Pope Francis removed him from the priesthood. The opening day of his trial took place on July 10th, but he wasn't present because of a "sudden illness.â? He had been placed in the intensive care unit of a Roman hospital. JMB/ATO RR JM -PR Up:ATO