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Pope's Mass: The Church needs to be a Mother, not a rigid association

In his Tuesday morning Mass, Pope Francis called for the care and attention that Our Lady gives as a mother, to extend itself throughout the Church. He said, the Church should embrace the maternal instincts of a mother, with its faithful.  POPE FRANCIS "Our Lady and our Mother Church know how to care for their children and give comfort. Thinking of the Church without this maternal factor, is like thinking of a rigid association. An association without human warmth, orphan.â?  The Pope then added that its within the Church and through this maternal element, that humility, understanding and forgiveness give rise.  SUMMARY OF POPE'S HOMILY Source: Vatican Radio "The inspiration for Pope Francisâ?? reflections in his homily came from Jesusâ?? words spoken from the Cross to Mary and to the apostle whom he loved when he entrusted each of them to the otherâ??s care. Jesus, he stressed, does not leave us orphaned, we have a mother who protects us. In these times where I donâ??t know if itâ??s the prevailing sense but there is a great sense in the world of being orphaned, itâ??s an orphaned world. This word has a great importance, the importance when Jesus tells us: â??I am not leaving you as orphans, Iâ??m giving you a mother.â?? And this is also a (source of) pride for us: we have a mother, a mother who is with us, protects us, accompanies us, who helps us, even in difficult or terrible times.â? This motherhood of Mary, the Pope explained, goes beyond her and is contagious. From it, comes a second motherhood, that of the Church.  Without motherhood, only rigidity and discipline remain. The Church is our mother. She is our â??Holy Mother Churchâ?? that is generated through our baptism, makes us grow up in her community and has that motherly attitude, of meekness and goodness: Our Mother Mary and our Mother Church know how to caress their children and show tenderness. To think of the Church without that motherly feeling is to think of a rigid association, an association without human warmth, an orphan. The Church is our mother and welcomes all of us as a mother: Mary our Mother, our Mother Church, and this motherhood are expressed through an attitude of welcome, understanding, goodness, forgiveness and tenderness.â?