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From Syria and Iraq to Europe: Vatican hosts conference on humanitarian crisis

This is the first meeting of its kind. It was triggered by the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq. With tension, war and refugees, leaders from the Church and from the UN are looking into how they can improve their collaboration and help those who've lost it all.   MSGR. BASHAR WARDA Archbishop of the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil "Trying to remind the world that please, itâ??s a genocide, you donâ??t have to wait another 20 minutes and say â??well we are sorry we didnâ??t give it the attention.' Itâ??s there Itâ??s a genocide happening.â?  The conference was organized by the Vatican's Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which deals with humanitarian aid. Leaders also recognize that the problem is one that goes far beyond charitable works. It now involves politics, war and uncertantiy.  KEVIN HATIGAN  Catholic Relief Services "It has been a huge change in the last couple of months. All of us were equally caught by surprise, as the media and the rest of the world was.â? WAEL  SULEIMAN  Caritas Jordan  "What's happening in Europe now, is a clear sign that we all have to work together in the Middle East to promote peace.â?   It's a situation, Jordan has experienced for years. It has welcomed over 4.5 million refugees from neighboring countries. Now with the current wars, it's still welcoming more every day.  WAEL  SULEIMAN  Caritas Jordan  "The numbers have dwindled. We are talking about 200 to 300 refugees that arrive every day. Of course, there are also those who leave. They stay in Jordan but then they move to Turkey and then to Europe.â?  Amid all this uncertainty, what is clear is that the humanitarian crisis is far from over.  KLH  MG  - -PR  Up:AZ