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Cardinal Marx: We will find consensus for the final document, even on controversial issues

The Synod's group meetings have ended and proposals for Pope Francis the bishops are ready to prepare the final document for Pope Francis. CARD. REINHARD MARX Archbishop of Munich (Germany) "The Synod is not at the end. The Synod opens the way for the Holy Father to do what he wants with these discussions and with the way we have made from the first Synod.� Working groups divided by language have prepared thirteen different reports, but there is a common thread among all of them. CARD. DANIEL STURLA Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) "The Church can never be a club of perfects, but instead it is people of God that walk together, a home of open doors.� And although there are differences between the working groups, Cardinal Marx stressed that the document that is given to Pope Francis will include as much consensus as possible, including on difficult points. CARD. REINHARD MARX Archbishop of Munich (Germany) "We will try to do it. We will try to come together and to make it also in the different points like the question of the divorce remarried to find the text which is so that everybody can accept it as a proposal for the Holy Father.� According to Cardinal Marx, it's not necessary to choose between doctrine and pastoral care, because they work together. CARD. REINHARD MARX Archbishop of Munich (Germany) "Pastoral and doctrine work together. What will we do with the doctrine without living it?� All of these questions have been examined within the framework of the mission and the vocation of today's families. Those in Ireland proposed reviving the concept of "vocation� when speaking of the family. ARZ. EAMON MARTIN President, Irish Episcopal Conference "We work on supporting, on fraternal support for anyone who believes they have a vocation to priesthood or religious life. Now if we're talking about vocation to the family, then surely we need to think in the same way.� Now the bishops must vote on the final document. That will take place on Saturday, and afterward the final text will be delivered to Pope Francis. He'll decide how to use the document. AC/ATO AA JM -PR Up:AC