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Card. Gracias sheds light on the final stage of the Synod on the Family

The Synod is in its final stage. The so called final document which includes the main points Bishops have discussed, regarding the outreach the Church should give to families, is currently being drafted.  Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias, is on the commission in charge of actually drafting the final document.  CARD. OSWARLD GRACIAS Archbishop of Bombay  "I donâ??t think, weâ??ve seen  the solutions, Iâ??m going to be frank. I donâ??t think we have all the solutions. But at least weâ??ve begun to speak about the problem and we can say that this has got be tackled and studied.â? Cardinal Gracias says that for the most part, there is general consensus on the points that will be included in the final draft, which will be voted on, on Saturday.  Even though there are differing opinions among the Bishops, the Cardinal says, even that element is part of Church history.  CARD. OSWARLD GRACIAS Archbishop of Bombay  "What St. Paul said, what is the code of Canon Law, what does moral theology say, all that has got to be in. Once we deepen our understanding Iâ??m sure we will find a way forward. This has happened in the Church before.â?  ARCH. JOSE GOMEZ Archdiocese of Los Angeles (USA)  "That doesnâ??t mean that we agree all the time. It means that we say what should we think should we done, because we are trying to advise the Holy Father.â? There is yet another committee that will make sure the final document reflects the discussions that took place during the three week Synod of the Family.  Bishops will vote on each point included in the final document. Then that last draft will be given to Pope Francis. He will decide what points, if any, should be implemented.  KLH  MG SV -BN Up: KLH