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St. Martin of Tours, according to Benedict XVI and Pope Francis

This is the gift, Pope Francis often gives to dignitaries he meets in the Vatican. A medallion with the image of St. Martin of Tours.  POPE FRANCIS "This is the image of St. Martin of Tours, who takes off his cloak to give it to the poor.â?  The saint was born in 316 in the Roman province of Pannonia, which is now present day Hungary. He was a soldier who was Baptized at the age of 20.  His life changes during one critical moment. In the winter he sees a beggar, with no coat.  BENEDICT XVI November 11, 2007 "He then took his cloak and with his sword, he cut it in two. He gave one half to the beggar. That night, Baby Jesus appeared to him in a dream. He was smiling and he was wrapped in that very cloak.â? In the year 371, he was appointed Bishop of Tours. By then, he had already founded Europe's oldest monastery.  His feast day is celebrated on November 11th. He is the patron saint of soldiers, Hungary and also the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires, where Pope Francis was born and where he lived before being elected Pope.  PM/KLH  CTV V -PR up:ATO #Papa