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The Pope's first album: his speeches mixed with an evocative melody

"Brothers and sisters, goodnight.â?  It was March 13, 2013 when these words started it all. Now, 30 months later, some of Pope Francis' best speeches can be found on the album 'Wake Up!' "Wake up. Wake up. These words speak of a responsibility in which the Lord has given usâ?. The albums creators have  incorporated music and some of Pope Francis' most important speeches, taken from Vatican Radio. Sacred hymns such as "Salve Reginaâ?, "Sacred Family of Nazareth,â? and "Ave Maria Stellaâ? are mixed with the Pope's most significant words to promote peace among Israelis and Palestinians. "Lord, God of peace, hear our prayer! We have tried many times and for many years to resolve our conflicts.â? The album is now available worldwide. These 11 songs and speeches included are meant to give strength to youth all over the world.   "Do not lose hope.' Please do not let it be stolen! And who steals hope? The spirit of the world, the wealth, the spirit of vanityâ? ... Among his key themes is the call to protect the environment. "Planet city. God always forgives offenses or abuse, He always forgives. Men sometimes forgive, but the Earth never forgives.â? This soundtrack makes Pope Francis' words louder than ever.