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Rome Reports

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The three Roman roads leading to St. Peter's during the Jubilee of Mercy

Millions of pilgrims are expected in Rome during the Jubilee of Mercy. And the city of Rome already has a good grasp of how people will move around the Eternal City. Before reaching the Holy Door, pilgrims are invited to visit two major basilicas, San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore. Three major churches will be open year-round. The are: Santa Maria in Vallicella, San Salvatore in Lauro and San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. These pilgrims will be able to go to Confession, partake in Eucharistic adoration, or simply pray. The three churches are scattered along the Tiber River, but are all within minutes of St. Peter's Square. Shops near the Vatican and preparing for the wave of pilgrims. "We are looking to improve our appearance, hoping that this Jubilee brings us good people who are loyal to the Pope.â? "Yes, we have signs ready for the Jubilee, and many others will too. So yes, we are quite ready to respond to requests from our pilgrim customers, and obviously we hope to do a good job." "We are a bar/restaurant with hot food. We look forward to all the tourists who are coming.â? And so that visitors do not get lost, the organizers have drawn three paths to the Vatican. All pilgrimages will conclude at Castel Sant'Angelo, just a few feet away from St. Peter's Basilica. From there, those seeking mercy will walk down the street to the heart of the Catholic Church.  IPC RR JM -PR Up:JRB