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Pope Francis tells young children that he wanted to be a butcher when he was a boy

The Pope held a fun meeting with more than 6,000 children belonging to choirs from around the world. TheVatican's Paul VI Hall was full to capcity, the audience in attendence, a group of young children showing enthusiastiam upon Pope Francis' arrival. The Pope responded to questions from some of them such as, if you like to sing to what Francis responded with humor. POPE FRANCIS "I like listening to music, but if I sing, I would sound like a donkey because I can not sing." They also asked how he manages to be "so goodâ?a question that made the Pope laugh. "How do you get to be so good always, never angry?â? POPE FRANCIS "Who is the only good? Only God is good. The other question , "If I never get angry.â?Yes ,I get angry but do not bite! Sometimes I get angry when someone does something that is not right, it gets under my skin a little... But it helps me to stop and think about the times when I did get angry at othersâ?. The third question was also very curious and revealed one of Pope Francis' childhood dreams. They asked him, as a child, what he wanted to be  when he grows up. POPE FRANCIS "I've changed my mind, obviously. But to answer your question. When I was little I wanted to be a butcher. I would have enjoyed it.â? However, the last question took a somber tone. "At night, when I watch TV with my family, I see many sad and dramatic stories. Will the world always be so, even when I 'm older?" POPE FRANCIS "Pray! "But will the world always be like this? " The world can improve. All of us have within a Battlefield. This struggle between good and evil. In all of us. We have mercy and temptations and we have to talk to the priest or the catechist to know these things so well." The Pope asked them not to lose hope because the world is also full of good things, but they are not so well known. Finally, and how could it be otherwise, the meeting ended with songs. AC/YA CTV JM -BN Up:JRB #Popefrancis