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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis makes a surprise visit to an elderly home

"This is one of the peripheries that you love...� This is how people reacted when Pope Francis made a surprise visit to their home. "I'm so happy.� "And us too, to welcome you.� The Pope visited this home on the outskirts of Rome, where 33 elderly people live. He was joined by the head organizer of the Jubilee of Mercy, Rino Fisichella. He spent a few minutes with them in their common room before going to individual rooms to see other residents. "This has moved me, because it is an enormous honor.� "How are you, ma'am?� "Not so good.� "Cheer up!� Some children saw the Pope in the parking lot and couldn't believe their eyes. The Pope didn't seem to be in a rush either. On the way back to the Vatican, the Pope stopped by at a home where six people who are in a vegetative state live alongside their families. This is the second of the Pope's "gestures of mercy� that he has planned for the Jubilee. According to the Vatican spokesman, he visited these people to "highlight, against the throwaway culture, the importance and value of old people and grandparents, as well as the dignity and value of life in every situation.� JMB/ATO CTV JM BN Up:ATO