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Rome Reports

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President of Iran will finally visit Pope Francis in the Vatican

The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, was originally set to meet with Pope Francis in mid November of 2015. However, that meeting was canceled due to the terrorist attacks that took place on the November 13th in Paris, France.  Tomorrows long awaited meeting will be historic, indeed. It will mark the first visit by an Iranian president since Mohammad Khatami attended St. John Paul IIâ??s funeral in 2005. Khatami also previously met St John Paul II in Rome in 1999. Although the Holy See and Iran have had their differences in the past, there is a growing awareness for a collaboration with Iran in the international effort to counter extremist groups and pursue an advantageous economic relationship in 2016 and beyond. Currently, the Vatican holds a better diplomatic relation with Iran than other countries in the Middle East. As both leaders prepare to discuss the Islamic and the Christian worlds, there is hope for an alliance between Iran and the Vatican.  Given the recent attention the country has received, the meeting will prove that much more interesting. YA RR SV -BR: Up: IPC