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Scholas consults hundreds of students from Madrid on how to revolutionize education

The Pope's project to build bridges between schools across the globe has now set up shop in Spain. "Scholas Citizenshipâ? gathered hundreds of students to look for ways of learning that transmit the values of respect, responsibility, diversity, dialogue, and teamwork. JOSÉ MARíA DEL CORRAL President, Scholas "What are the kids from Madrid doing? They're making proposals based on common sense and realism to improve education. Moreover, they talk about the 'how.' They have suggested some concrete 'hows.'â? MSGR. CARLOS OSORO Archbishop of Madrid (Spain) "To continue finding themselves, to make it possible for these schools of citizenship to be an important part of their lives. It calls on everyone and excludes no one. Everyone can speak and share an opinion, and change. They can better understand the needs of themselves and others.â? The working sessions with students lasted a week, enough time to put together concrete proposals. MIRBELLY "If Scholas arrives at their school and their country, they should go. Because it is beautiful, they form you very well inside. They teach you values that in school and sometimes at home, you aren't taught. And you can bring that experience forward and you are going to want to repeat it.â? TIAGO "Scholas teaches them a lot and you can also talk about the problems that you have with older people, who can explain them to you.â? These kids' proposals won't just stay in Spain. At the beginning of February, Pope Francis will study them and spread the word. IPC-JMB PHB-BR JM -PR Up:FV