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The Vatican launches Papal website just for kids

For some weeks now, the Vatican has developed this original and fun website for children only. It is in five languages and is coordinated by the Pontifical Council for the Family. FR. ANDREA CIUCCI Pontifical Council for the Family "We teach and inform the children about the Pope, such as who he is, where he lives, what is the Vatican, what it does, its history, its message and its predecessors.â? The website includes texts and pictures of all the moments the Popes have shared with the children. Above all, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. JOHN PAUL II "Tell me, dear children, do you love baby Jesus? Do you want Jesus to reign in your hearts? The Pope knew that you would say, yes.â?  "My catechism teacher was preparing me for my First Communion and she told me that Jesus is present in the Eucharist. But how? I donâ??t see him!â? BENEDICT XVI "There are many things that we do not see but they exist and are essential. For example, we do not see our intelligence and we have it.  We do not see an electric current, yet we see light.  We donâ??t see the deepest things, that really sustain life and the world, but we can see and feel their effects.â? "How do you get to be so good always, never angry?â? POPE FRANCIS "Who is the only good? Only God is good. The other question , "If I never get angry.â?Yes ,I get angry but do not bite!â?. In order to better explain to children who Pope Francis is, this site has collected a lot of material from his childhood and adolescence. FR. ANDREA CIUCCI Pontifical Council for the Family "We have found photographs of the Pope as a boy, while discovering his favorite things; like the cake his grandmother would make him, his favorite pastime, playing soccer to where his parents met, what their names were ...â? In addition to staring in this website, children are the key authors. Many have sent pictures of their own families and others have sent some with Pope Francis. And so, it seems that they all know him quite well. JMB / YA MG - PR Up:FV