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Pope Francis: No human condition may constitute grounds for exclusion!

Pope Francis' main message during the Angelus at St. Peter's Square was that no human condition should be excluded. POPE FRANCIS "No human condition may be reason for exclusion from the Fatherâ??s heart. The only privilege in the eyes of God is to have no privileges. The only privilege in the eyes of God is to not have privilege, to have no protectors and to surrender oneself into his hands.â? The Pope reflected on the Gospel in which Jesus appears in the synagogue of Nazareth as the Messiah. However, his neighbors want to lynch him, once they see that he cannot perform  miracles on the spot.  POPE FRANCIS "It is the temptation to treat religion like a human investment and, therefore, begin to "bargainâ? with God, seeking oneâ??s own interests. Instead, true religion is a matter of welcoming the revelation of a God who is Father, and cares for all his creatures.â? During the Angelus, the Pope also called for solidarity with those suffering from leprosy. Later, he was accompanied by children who had come to St. Peter's to celebrate the "Caravan of Peace.â? Until last year, they used to throw doves from the window to ask for peace; but as always they were scared and hurt themselves, this time they chose to throw colorful balloons. IPC/YA CTV -VM -BN Up: FV