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The Pope asks for prayers in February for care of the environment

This video just released by the Popeâ??s Worldwide Prayer Network, an organization that each month encourages all Catholics to pray for a particular intention of the Pope. In February, Pope Francis has ask them to pray for care of the environment. Behind the campaign is Fr. Frédéric Fornos. He directs this worldwide network of prayer, which has over 35 million members in 89 countries. FR. FREDERIC FORNOS Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network  "Whatever our differences - our different ways of seeing things, our ecclesial or spiritual sensibilities - together we can be of service to the mission of the Church.â? The network came about 170 years ago. Until recently, it was called the "Apostleship of Prayer.â? Now it has opted for new technologies to spread in unique and modern ways the Popeâ??s prayer requests. FR. FREDERIC FORNOS Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network  "We thought that the videos could help more people to know the intentions of the Holy Father and that was really the way to help Pope Francis enter into a relationship with each person to mobilize prayer and mission efforts today to face the challenges of our world." In his first video which was released last January, Pope Francis asked for prayers for interreligious dialogue. The message reached millions of people, but also garnered criticism from some. FR. FREDERIC FORNOS Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network  "We have to try what can be best interpreted mainly because it is to help spread the Popeâ??s message and engage people with it. We try also to use the modern languages which can touch the hearts of people today, because if we want to encourage prayer, we must use the language people understand and reachers their hearts." Each month they will launch a new video that will surprise and will continue to generate conversation, because they try to address the great challenges of humanity. And precisely because it challenges the world, it needs prayers.  JMB AA JM -PR Up:JRB #Popefrancis