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What's the key challenge for Catholic education in the 21st century?

Francis Campbell is best known in the Church as the United Kingdom's former ambassador to the Holy See. But since leaving his post, he hasn't left the Catholic world. Now serving as Vice Chancellor of St. Mary's University, he was recently in Rome to attend an international Catholic education conference. He explained why it's important for Catholic educators to work together.  FRANCIS CAMPBELL Vice Chancellor, St. Mary's University (London)  "There is nothing that can show you that university, and that universalism, more than being in this very intercultural mix, but joined by faith and a commitment to faith in a reasoned setting.â? Catholic educators from every corner of the globe came together for the "World Congress Educating Today and Tomorrowâ? held at the Vatican. Though their cultures varied widely, it was clear they were committed to uniting faith with reason. And what's their biggest challenge? Campbell suggested that Catholic leaders must be united in thinking of themselves as stewards serving people. FRANCIS CAMPBELL Vice Chancellor, St. Mary's University (London)  "And you take immense courage from the other stories in the room, from other people's perspectives as to how they've achieved this. So it's a bit like a shot in the arm, if you want. To say that actually, you're one university amongst 2,000, and yet you're on a similar path and a similar trajectory.â? When speaking to the group, Pope Francis echoed Campbell's concern. He told them that, "you cannot speak of Catholic education without speaking about humanity, because the Catholic identity is precisely that God became man.â? ATO MG SV -PR: Up:YA