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The five special hashtags to follow the Pope in Mexico on Twitter

The Pope's visit to Mexico is currently being widely tracked on social media. Twitter has prepared for Francis' trip in a very special way. The social media site has already created five hashtags or categories in order to discuss his visit; four of the hashtags refer to the cities that the Pope will visit, and the fifth refers to his visit to Mexico in general. ;When one types these hashtags, an emoji appears. All you have ;have to do is type an asterisk followed by #PapaenCDJ for Ciudad Juarez, #PapaenCDmx for Mexico City, #PapaenCHPS for Chiapas, and ;#PapaenMich for Michoacan. The last hashtag, #PapaenMex, combines the comments, ;prayers, and blessings that have been Tweeted and delivers them right to the Pope. In the meantime, official information can be found by following the Twitter account to @ConelPapa. Obviously, all of the information can be found also on Rome Reports' two Twitter accounts: @romereportsesp in Spanish and @romereports in English. Google will ;follow Francisco's trip as well. Through the mapping function, the Pope's path can be followed ;starting from his outbound flight and throughout his routes on the Popemobile. The Google Calendar application allows users to incorporate the Pope's schedule in the Aztec country into their own. IPC/MP Rome Reports JM -PR Up: IPC