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Rome Reports

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Inside the papal plane: a Mexican hat for the Pope and dream fulfilled for Noel Diaz

As the plane flew over Spain, a little less than two hours after takeoff, Pope Francis met with the press and showed them his appreciation for Mexican culture. POPE FRANCIS "It's a hard journey, with many commitments, but a highly desired one. For my brother Kiril, for me and for the Mexican people.� The Pope personally greeted the 76 reporters that will be accompanying him during these days. He also received dozens of gifts, messages and hugs. Among the reporters present was Noel Diaz, founder of the television network ESNE, made for migrants. As a boy, he used to shine shoes for a living. In fact, his motivation was to make enough to help his mother and buy an outfit for his First Communion. This morning, he was able to polish the Pope's shoes. It has been an intense journey of more than twelve hours, during which the Pope was able to rest before the important meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow and the extraordinary six-day visit to Mexico. AC/YA AA VM -BN up:IPC