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Idomeni: hiding in shame, as Europe closes its doors on refugees fleeing war

Neither the sea, nor cold, nor the long hours on foot or indifference can stop a father who seeks the best for his child. Even though, he has to carry him. It is a reality that this Syrian family is facing.  AMIR MOUSTAFA Syrian refugee "Itâ??s a difficult situation. I want to get him treatment, as soon as possible. He is my only son.â?    After arriving in Greece, they have hit a wall, with a closed Macedonian border and a threat that the European Union might deport them to Turkey. They say they will not hold out for long in   Idomeni, because the conditions are deplorable. AHLAM RAJI RASHID Syrian refugee "What am I to do? I donâ??t have a solution. I donâ??t have a solution. How will I get him treatment? Iâ??ll wait, Iâ??ll wait. Four, five days and then Iâ??ll go back to Syria. If I stay here waiting in the tents, my son wonâ??t be able to handle it. He cries a lot.â? UNHCR recalls that these people are not economic migrants but refugees fleeing wars that are far from resolved. And like this family, they are seeking a better future for their only child, who is seriously ill. UNICEF warns that it is essential to protect the rights of children, especially the most vulnerable like,  Alan. SARA CROWE UNICEF "The fundamental principal of â??do no harmâ?? must apply every step of the way. This means that first and foremost, childrenâ??s rights to claim international protection should be guaranteed, children should not be returned if they face risks such as â?? and including detention, forced recruitment, trafficking and exploitation.â?  The UN has warned that blocking returning refugees is prohibited. The European Union could go against international treaties on human rights as the Geneva Convention of 1951 and the 1967 Protocol did relating to the Status of Refugees and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. AC/YA Unifeed -SV -PR up:FV