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Seven curiosities about Amoris Laetitia, the Pope's document on the family

In addition to the proposed integration of  divorced and remarried people into the Church, "Amoris Laetitiaâ? offers very creative approaches to dating, domestic partnership and parenting. Valentine's Day With this document, he wants to show the attractiveness of the Christian proposal on marriage and the family. He asks the Church and Catholics not to waste any opportunity to find it. "To give just one example: I think of Saint Valentineâ??s Day; in some countries, commercial interests are quick to see the potential of this celebration than we are from within the Church.â?  Confidences in dating The Pope proposes that couples speak to each other candidly and in depth. He says that although it may not seem like it, "many couples marry without really knowing one another. They have enjoyed each others company and done things together, but without facing the challenge of revealing themselves and coming to know who the other person truly is.â? Practical tips He dedicates various sections on giving tips on how to live with a quality of life. He proposes that couples should give each other a "morning kiss, wait at the door to welcome each other home, take trips together and share household choresâ?. And also "it helps to break the routine with a party.â? He also teaches how to have patience, overcome jealousy, learn forgiveness, devote time to the in-laws. Value of sexuality A lot have been surprised by the positive tone he uses to write about sexuality. Pope Francis defines it as "God's marvelous giftâ?, that "needs to be cultivated and directed, so to prevent the impoverishment of an authentic value.â? Presence of the father in the house Pope Francis spoke strongly against a man's little involvement in the home. He claims that "fathers are often so caught up in themselves and their work, and at times in their own self-fulfillment, that they neglect their families.'The presence of the father is also impacted by the amount of time given over to the communications and entertainment media.â? Who are the children with? The Pope asks parents to prepare their children to recognize and face the dangers that lay ahead, but not to control them. He says that "parents need to consider what they want their children to be exposed to, and this necessarily means being concerned about who is providing their entertainment, who is entering their rooms through television and electronic devices, and with whom they are spending their free time.â? When beauty disappears In a realistic journey through the stages of marriage, the Pope recalls the time when  "appearances change.â? He says that "we love the other person for who they are, not simply for their body. Although the body ages, it still expresses that personal identity that first won our heart.â? JMB/YA PR -JM Up:YA