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Pope Francis met with Evo Morales, who greeted him with thought-provoking gifts

The Pope held this meeting with Evo Morales in the Vatican. The last time they met was in Bolivia, where the president greeted Francis with a controversial crucifix. During his 27-minute meeting in the Apostolic Palace, they discussed issues such as the socioeconomic status of the country and the Church's contribution to Bolivian society. They also talked about education, health, aid to the needy and some international issues. After Morales presented to the Pope and his delegation, it was time for the exchange of gifts. The Bolivian President gave a bust of the indigenous Bolivian leader, Tupac Katari. "In November 1781, he was executed by the Spanish." In addition, he gave other curious gifts: these three books on the coca leaf with a recommendation to Francis. "You have to take the coca leaf. It is doing me a lot of good." The Pope reacted with indifference to the advice. He gifted Evo Morales a San Martin medallion that he usually gives international leaders. He also gave his "Amoris Laetitia" exhortation and the book "The Name of God is Mercy." After the meeting, they parted with a hug. AC/MB CTV -VM -BN up: IPC