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The Pope receives a special edition print of Don Quixote

They have brought this book  from Spain for Pope Francis, who was once a professor of literature, and this is how he received him. "A tribute to a former literature professor.â? "Thank you very much. I thank you so much.â? It is a special edition of "Don Quixote,â? made especially to commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, the universal master of arts and letters. The director of the Royal Spanish Academy, Dario Villanueva, the director of the Cervantes Institute, Victor Garcia de la Concha and academic Francisco Rico have personally delivered this gift. Pope Francis was also amused with the first edition of the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language. "To know the exact meaning of our words.â? "Thank you very much.â? After the gifts, they had a brief chat with the Pope, who told them that as a teenager, and despite studying science, his teachers made him read "Don Quixote.â? AC/YA CTV -SV -BN Up:YA