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Rome Reports

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The Pope's special devotion for the Virgin Mary

POPE FRANCIS October 25, 2014 "A Christian does not have a right to be an orphan. He has a Motherâ?. Perhaps it goes unnoticed in his preaching, but the presence of the Virgin Mary in his homilies and catechesis is constant. Within his determined spirit lies that of a reformer, that is simultaneously combined with a strong and tender devotion to the Mother of God. Pope Francis is a man of strong faith and simple piety. Whenever he is before an image of the Virgin, he always devotes affectionate glances. But of all Marian devotions, there is one for whom he feels a particular weakness: Mary, Untier of Knots. MSGR. EDUARDO GARCIA Bishop of San Justo (Argentina) "Mary Untier of the Knots is Our Lady who unties all problems in life, and frees us from the deceptions the Devil bounds us to.â? Those who follow Pope Francis daily have become accustomed to seeing him visit the patroness saint of Rome "Salus Populi Romaniâ? before and after each of his trips."  It also is not uncommon to see him pray the Hail Mary with the pilgrims. Among the many items he carries with him in his pocket, he is never without the rosary. A rosary, which incidentally, already has a  very young protector who was appointed by the Pope in person. POPE FRANCIS February 15, 2016 "So, I will bless the rosary and I assign you as its official keeper. You have to take care of it, ok? Every now and then, pray for me.â? Precisely in Mexico, before the "Our Lady of Guadalupe,â? he prayed silently for about 25 minutes while a crowd waited expectantly. And before the image of Fatima, he asked for the take care of the poor and those excluded in the beginning of his pontificate. These are the gestures that show a form of simple faith. Because the Virgin for the Pope is so fundamental in the Church, as is the mother in a family. POPE FRANCIS October 25, 2014 "Well, whoever does not want Mary as a Mother will have her as a mother-in-law!â? JRB/YA RR SV -PR Up:YA