World Youth Day organizers create a mosaic with thousands of youth photos

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Would you like to be at this summer's World Youth Day, even if you are unable to attend? This is possible through a special project St. Faustina's sisters at the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy have started. They will create a 'live' mosaic of the image of Divine Mercy through photos of faces they receive from people around the world. 

 ANNA CHMURA World Youth Day Krakow 2016 

'It will be like showing that Divine Mercy is living in the humans, and we are humans who are doing the Divine Mercy in everyday of our lives.'  

A part of the sisters' goal is to display that mercy is fully alive in each person at every moment, whether they are giving or receiving it. It will also serve as an artistic reminder and call to be more merciful.   

ANNA CHMURA World Youth Day Krakow 2016

 'Mercy is not only just a big thing that only God can do. We are humans and we can do merciful things in our life everyday.'   

Along with the message of mercy, the designers want to symbolically unite the international youth in one place, in one photo. They say others should be able to see the love of Jesus inside each person by looking at their life and works. This visual reminder will be exhibited in the Santuary at World Youth Day, and will be available on the Internet, so everyone can see it. 

 It will be at least a couple dozen meters squared in size, so the sisters are asking for everyone to send in their photo before June 3. In order to participate, upload a photo on the website, and join thousands of youth worldwide who are advocating for and taking part in the Pope's 2016 Jubliee message of mercy.  

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