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Rome Reports

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French school celebrates their 50th anniversary and Jubilee Year of Mercy in Rome

The Institution Jeanne d'Arc brought 180 students, teachers and parents to Rome to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Christian Union of Saint Chaumond at the school and the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The students are spending four days in Rome, and had the opportunity to see Pope Francis at Wednesday's general audience. MRS. HABOUSSI English teacher, Institution Jeanne d'Arc "Today we are lucky because we have been visiting the Pope and our children are very happy, aren't you?â? "He went right in front of many of our students and they listened to him. They are very happy.â? While they were waiting to see the Pope during the general audience, they sang songs and chanted cheers. They sang before the general audience and continued to sing in excitment after seeing Pope Francis. SISTER MARY REINE Director,  Institution Jeanne d'Arc "During the year, we do two corporal and spiritual works of mercy a month and we have given this opportunity to the children. Every month we have two children at the school do the two works of mercy.â?  The students have been preparing for this special  pilgrimage to pass through the Holy Doors of St. Peter's with the joy of music. The teachers and religious sisters also join in the excitment of the students and say their energy is contagious, despite limited amounts of sleep. SISTER MARY REINE Director,  Institution Jeanne d'Arc "The students who didn't come were all looking and watching us on TV at the same time, because we are always united.â? If it wasn't their waving flags and colorful bandanas that united them, the songs and prayers they offered during this pilgrimage to see the Pope should do the trick.  MB AA SV BN Up: MB #Vatican