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Congress at the Vatican studies how to combat poverty through business

Is it possible to have an economy inspired by Christian values? This is the starting point of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice Foundation International Congress that is being held at the Vatican this week.  CARD. GEORGE PELL Prefect, Vatican Secretariat for the Economy "We must work seriously. We must help the poorest without seeking our advantages and enable them to help themselves.â? THOMAS RUSCHE Foundation "Centesimus Annus Pro Pontificeâ? "We need more solidarity in our society and business men are who can take actions in solidarian way.â? This edition is especially looking at the tragedy of the millions of people who have fled their homes because of war or violence and have become refugees. MONS. GIAN CARLO PAREGO Fondazione Migrantes (Italy) "The Pope readdressed the culture of the meeting, talking about those seeking refuge and speaking of respect, acceptance, inclusion and integration." To achieve these objectives with refugees and other disadvantaged people, successful business initiatives must be exposed that combine benefits and values. This is the Junior Achievement project created almost 100 years ago so that children know how to create businesses responsibly. FRANCESCO VANNI d'ARCHIRAFI Citigroup "Children see that everything is possible in life. I always say that what we do increases their ambitions. And we do just as much for children who come from a family of entrepreneurs as for children who come from the most marginalized segments of society." Father Lezama began employing the young and socially excluded at a small bar. Today there are 22 of these restaurants scattered around the world and in various educational institutes of the hotel and restaurant sector. LUIS P. LEZAMA Lezama group "Human capital is our mission, so we are big capitalists of human capital.â? Human capital is the most valuable asset for these entrepreneurs, because it is the fount of inspiration on when to engage in their business. HEE YOUNG YU Yudo Group "Satisfaction is our job, so not satisfaction of God but the satisfaction of the human being, but the human being is made by God.â? For these entrepreneurs, the key to business is to generate real wealth, wealth in which all can benefit from. AC/MB AA / MG SV -PR up:MB