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Indian TV station is the first to broadcast the Pope and Catholic news in Tamil

There are more than 70 million Tamil speakers spread throughout the world and 9.5 million of them are Catholic. For them, Madha TV station exists.  It offers daily Catholic programming broadcast in the first printed and published Indian language, Tamil. In its third year of programming, Madha TV has transformed the way the Catholic faith is presented to the Tamil-speaking people.  With the slogan, "Through Mary to Jesus,â? Santhome Communications Centre wants to instill the presence of God in peoples' lives.  FR. V.M.J. ADAIKALA RAJ  G.M. PROGRAMS "Madha TV is not just a television. It´s a mission; media mission. We give programs to help the people to be deeply rooted in Christ and Catholic faith. And so Madha TV is a family. It´s a praying family praying for each other.â? There are five separate media zones throughout India, and this station offers a wide range of programs in each one, including Biblical explanations, the importance of women in the Church, the holy rosary, children's programs and news provided by Rome Reports in their native language.  In addition to catechetical programs, Indian traditions, art and culture are highlighted. It is the only Catholic satellite station used to benefit all Tamil-speaking people inside and outside of India.  BISHOP S. SINGARAYAN   Chairman, Commission for Social Communications "I invite everyone of you to contribute, to support, to pray for and to help in this noble endeavor of the Church." Madha TV strives for the "understanding of Godâ? in all families and "constantly seeks God's mercy and graceâ? for all its viewers.  MB MADHA TV VM PR Up:AC