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Rome Reports

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Pope in Santa Marta: Clinging to riches, vanity and pride are the steps to perdition

During his homily on Monday at Casa Santa Marta, the Pope said that the beatitudes must be the compass by which Christians are not lost on the road of faith and not slip on the three steps of doom: selfishness, vanity and pride. POPE FRANCIS "These are the three steps that lead to perdition: attachment to riches, because I need nothing; Vanity â?? that all must speak well of me, making me feel important, making too much of a fussâ?¦and I am convinced to be in the right. Not like that, like that...We think of the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican: I thank you I am not like this...O God I thank you that I am such a good Catholic, not like my neighborâ?¦This happens every day...The second is vanity and the third is pride, the satiation and the laughter that closes oneâ??s heart.â? Pope Francis said the meekness of the heart and sweetness brings closeness to Jesus while the opposite attitude always causes wars and feuds. IPC/YA CTV SV -BN up:MB