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Rome Reports

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Pope visits a community of sick priests, to tell them thanks

The Pope left the Vatican for a surprise visit to this community of priests on the outskirts of Rome. "He has been a hospital chaplain for many years." "He still is." "Still is..." "He keeps going, despite the age." "Because the bishop of the hospitals told me he can't find another..." It was another "gesture of mercy" for the Jubilee. In this house live 21 elderly priests, some who are very sick. They have spent their whole life helping people, and the Pope went to thank them for their sacrifices. "I am very happy to visit you. I come to thank you." The Pope gave them some books, and also this Jubilee bottle of wine. Look how they reacted. "This is very important. You should never forget the wine. We have been given an example by the Virgin Mary.� The Pope greeted the priests one-by-one and told them to dream of the good they can still do for the Church. He asked them to pray that there will be many good young priests. He also thanked the people who care for them. The visit was brief but exciting. "We don't know what to do to thank you." "Pray for me." That same afternoon, the Pope visited another community of priests, who, as the Vatican said without giving details, are undergoing treatment to recover from problems. Expressing gratitude is also a good way to help those most in need. JMB/MB CTV JM -BN Up:YA