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Rome Reports

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Vatican remains calm in the midst of the terrorist attack in Nice, France

In light of the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France, the Vatican remains calm on this rare, cloudy, summer day.  Pilgrims visiting the Vatican for the first time voice their opinions on crowd control, safety, and the Islamic state. The reactions have been mixed. Some pilgrims in the square, like this Frenchmen who is currently living in Spain, has a heighten fear for his safety every time he travels back home to France.  "The problem in France is that we don't know if we have safety over there because the government doesn't do anything.â?   Others, like this family from Spain, feel that these incidents could easily happen anywhere security measures are not taken, not just in France. "Undoubtedly, the act of destruction is easy and feeling protected is not so easy. But I think that we should feel free to continue to live our lives as normal as possible.â? Despite the differences in opinion, everyone seems to share the same thoughts in regards to the Vatican's safety.  "I think there is plenty of surveillance and observation going on. In light of what's happened, I don't think it would would detour me or any of my friends from visiting such a fantastic site.â? They all believe that Vatican's security team is on high alert, making them feel that much safer. YA RR -VM -BN Up:MB