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The doctor who witnessed the miracle that led to Mother Teresa's canonization

There has been much speculation about the Brazilian patient who was cured of a viral brain infection that resulted in eight abscesses.  A cure that was medically inexplicable. However, no one can tell the story better than Joao Luí­s Cabral: a military doctor who was about to operate when something miraculous happened. JOAO LUIS CABRAL Military doctor "I was on duty at the hospital in Santos, Brazil, and this patient, Marcilio, entered with a severe neurological emergence: he was having seizures and an epileptic attack. He underwent a CT scan of the skull and found eight abscesses in the brain.â? In the neurological community, finding two abscesses are synonymous with certain death. This was the first case in the world where a person had eight and also survived. JOAO LUIS CABRAL Military doctor "I started the treatment and he suffered a hydrocephalus. The brain swelled up and leaked liquid. I took him to the operating room to be drained, but at the start of the operation, the patient woke up and there was no need for surgery. I returned to the ICU where the patient remained in a stable, good condition.â? Within a few days of rest with antibiotics, the patient recovered miraculously. Nobody had an explanation for this, nor did Joao. But, what did Mother Teresa have to do with this particular miracle?  JOAO LUIS CABRAL Military doctor "The family asked me to make a statement to the medical community because during the procedure on the patient in the ICU they prayed asking for Mother Teresa of Calcutta to intercede.â? Some doctors disagreed with him, but after this experience, Joao is certain of something: Mother Teresa helped his patient. Since a medical explanation for miracles does not exist, it is something that was described as "an extraordinary event.â? JOAO LUIS CABRAL Military doctor "She helped him in with his treatment and recovery, the medicine was Mother Teresa.â? Both Joao and his "miracleâ?patient, Marcilio Haddad Andino were invited to the canonization of Mother Teresa by Pope Francis. AQ/YA RR -JM -BN Up:YA #Pope Francis