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Rome Reports

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A group of 60 young Germans travel 1500 km by bus to see the pope

Instead of taking a trip to the beach or an amusement park like many their age would, this group from Germany preferred to come to Rome to see Pope Francis at the General Audience. The 60 students in the group had the trip planned for over a year and a half. NIKLAS Monitor Messdience "It was a great experience to get to see the Pope for the first time. It was very good that there was a translation in German and other languages so everybody, every child could follow the audience.â? The distance they traveled was not a problem, not even for the youngest of the group. They traveled 1,500 km by bus from Germany to Rome to see the pope and some already thought about what they will tell their friends back home. Peregrino Messdience "Everything about this morning. I was very excited to see the pope.â?  They say they will also try to implement what the pope asked them to do during the General Audience. Peregrina Messdience "To love each other and everyone and to be nice to each other.â? They enjoyed the experience so much that they are already thinking about how they will repeat it again. Peregrino Messdience "Last time we went in 2010 to a big pilgrim journey, and that was amazing too. Itâ??s totally different to today because there were not so many children and young adults. But maybe weâ??ll come back in five years with everybody.â? Just like any enjoyable trip, they couldn't have done it without music. They composed a song about their trip from Germany to visit Pope Francis. AQ/MB RR SV BR Up:YA