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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Those responsible for the bombings in Syria will have to answer before God

The truce in Syria is broken, and President Al-Assad's air force is bombing Aleppo with the alleged support from Moscow, in order to win back some of the lost ground.  Since the conflict broke out again on September 19, 200 have been killed in Aleppo, according to rebel sources. There are also 200,000 people still trapped inside the city. That is why the pope implores that the violence cease immediately.  POPE FRANCIS "In expressing my deep sorrow and lively concern for what is happening in that already battered city â?? where children, the elderly, the sick, young and old, all are dying â?? I renew my appeal to everyone to commit themselves with all their strength to the protection of civilians as an imperative and urgent obligation. I appeal to the conscience of those responsible for the bombing, who will have to answer before God.â? On Thursday, the pope will meet in the Vatican with Staffan de Mistura, United Nations special envoy for the Syria crisis.  He has also asked Catholic institutions working in Syria and Iraq to find better ways to make humanitarian aid available in the area.  Since 2011, the war in Syria has taken the lives of 300,000 people and has left one million wounded. According to the Vatican, at least 13.5 million people require urgent assistance in Syria. JMB/AG CTV -F - BN Up: MB