Vatican: To end hunger we need conviction

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Rome hosted the main events of the World Food Day, since it is the home of the FAO, the United Nations agency dedicated to fight hunger in the world.

There, the Italian prime minister, the King of Morocco's sister, and the Director-General of FAO reflected on how climate change affects nutrition.

The pope sent a special message to participants in the meeting in which he encouraged them to fight against hunger with concrete actions. In the text, the pope criticized that climate change is swelling the ranks of the poor and the destitute.

The person in charge of carrying his message was Fernando Chica, who represents the pope before the FAO. 

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to FAO, IFAD, WFP
'Against hunger, against poverty, we need a better response, help more, faster, with more urgence, and especially, help together. Nobody should be a lone ranger, nobody should do it on their own. If we work together we can eradicate the scourges that impact humanity. To be able to do that we need conviction: it is possible to end poverty, to end hunger.�

The numbers are scary. 800 million people suffer from hunger every day. 160 million of them are boys and girls under five years old. The UN has managed to make every country in the world commit to ending hunger by the year 2030. 

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to FAO, IFAD, WFP
'In the fight against hunger it is very important that programs, aid, contributions from everyone flourish. In the base of this there is multiplying solidarity: sharing we can do more. We need to renounce a life of egoism. Above all, renouncing to what the pope calls the culture of waste and indifference. In the face of hunger and the hungry we cannot just be moved. We need to go one step further. The next step is to act. To take steps and start doing tangible actions'.

The Vatican representative is optimistic, and he is certain that if everyone chips in, it is possible to end poverty, and have it no more than a nightmare from the past. 

Permanent Observer of the Holy See to FAO, IFAD, WFP
'A lot is being done to fight hunger, but we can still do more. Not only more, but better. And also faster. Because the poor cannot wait any longer.�

There are many causes for hunger: an unfair distribution of food, wasting food, natural disasters and wars, but egoism and lack of solidarity also play an important part. 

To solve this global crisis the pope suggests a change in one's own lifestyle, giving up individualism, and promoting sobriety. In other words, living in the present responsibly, to leave the next generations a better world.

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