Daniel Mitsui: Ink artist creates a Catholic coloring book for adults

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Daniel Mitsui is certainly a master of his craft and Ink drawings happen to be his specialty. He decided to join the Catholic Church in his early twenties. Since then, most of his artwork has had a religious theme.

Daniel is known for his meticulous and unique Medieval-style art, done entirely by hand with a metal-tipped pen, dipped in ink, and the occasional palladium leaf burnished into calfskin.

Catholic Artist
'I did not really think about making these until I had children of my own. My wife and I are homeschooling them and I didn't find any really good religiously-themed coloring sheets to give them when teaching them about the saints or about the Church. I started printing out ones based on my own work.â?

His detailed artwork did not go unnoticed. Motivated by the encouragement he received from his family and peers, Daniel posted some of his artwork on his own website. It did not take long for Ava Maria Book Publishing to contact him asking him to make an adult-based Catholic coloring book.

Catholic Artist
'I probably encountered real Medieval art, about the age of 14, of illuminated manuscripts. The Lindisfarne Gospels was one that made a very strong impression on me, which I first saw about then. Probably more than any other single work of art, it made me want to be a religious artist.�

Daniel Mitsuiâ??s latest book is titled, 'The Mysteries of the Rosary.â? It is the first adult coloring book to focus on the rosary that draws inspiration from medieval-based illuminating manuscripts. 

Catholic Artist
'I'm principally interested in Medieval religious art and I really value it because it has such theological precision. The content and arrangement of the pictures is not something that is left to chance or an artist's whim. Coloring sheets make people look at art more slowly; to really pay attention to all of its details and to see the significance of small things that they would not see if they just look at it for a few seconds.�

The 15-page coloring book contains thirty illustrations on the mysteries of the rosary and has several detailed vignettes of prophets, evangelists and three larger scale drawings adorned with images of animals, leaves and calligraphy.

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