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Pope Francis distressed at use of boys as human shields in Mosul, Iraq

On Sunday, after finishing the Angelus in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis expressed his closeness to Mosul, Iraq, which is being attacked by Iraqi-led coalition forces in an attempt to recapture the city.  There have been a reported number of 284 Iraqi men and boys killed, after they were used as human shields against the ISIS attackers. POPE FRANCIS "In these dramatic hours, I am close to the entire population of Iraq, in particular to that of the city of Mosul. Our spirits are shaken by the brutal acts of violence that for too long have been committed against innocent citizens, be they Muslim, Christian, or of other ethnicities or religions. I am distressed in hearing the news of the cold-blooded killing of numerous children in that beloved land, among which were also many children. This cruelty makes one cry, leaving no words.â? He finished his plea with a request for reconciliation and peace and invited the pilgrims to join him in a Hail Mary. MB RR -? -BN Up:ag